PSA: Witch Craft Kills

UuuuWe Malaysians grew up with superstition, dark magic and mix cultures. Sometimes it is learned that some of us Malaysians are incapable of evolve to a more civilized mind. They failed to bring themselves to a better level state of mind, thus they are left behind with their own beliefs. While this is not anybody business, since it’s their choice to be stupid and backward; there’s only so much we can do.

Things would be a lot better if this group of people would be among themselves and bomoh one another and just be stupid together. Unfortunately this is not what happened, these breed of people, they decided to go out and mingle around with normal humans. While they do that, they bring along their beliefs and they hurt others with it.

This is what happened to an UPNM student, the victim was tortured till death because a bomoh told the bully that the victim had stolen his laptop. Yes, a life was taken by what the bomoh said. The victim was tortured with an iron in which the hot iron was placed all over his body.

The moral of this story is, if you can’t shake out your stupid beliefs then you shouldn’t have gone out to the world where people are civilized. Please stay with your idiotic breed and just breed among yourselves, like rednecks. Because your stupidity actually kills people that don’t deserve to be killed by an idiot like you.

Ps: Bomoh means witch doctor

Source: The Star

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