Virals: When #Meleis Go Out to Play

Just like all the devils are all chained up in hell for the entire month of Ramadhan, the Meleis have come out to play and fill in the gap. It is believed that the Meleis were unable to be chained as they were humans. Regardless, the Meleis are doing a superb job filling in for the devils.

This is what happened to a facebook user Effendiey Ismail.

The story goes like this, a guy who is standing in front of a door was scolded by an aunty. While the guy had said that there are two doors and she can always use the other door. Apparently, this suggestion had scratch the Meleis ego in her thus a string of Meleis curses flew out of her mouth. The Aunty’s family even made an effort to stop in front of his bike and continue to curse him.

Moral of the story is nowadays everything is recorded, people are longing for virals contents to gain themselves 5 minutes of fame. But sometimes, things doesn’t go as planned. People always side with the one who use less profanity.

Ps: This is a one sided story, I’m pretty sure in few days time, someone from the Aunty’s family will make a statement like “Don’t judge too quickly, things are not like what it seems. Everyone from this family is polite and we don’t curse”.

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