News: The Dumb Beings

I remember my dad used to say that when my siblings and I were a small bunch, we were quite loud and my mother would often make remarks and trying to make us to keep it down. What happened was, my great grandma slowly and calmly dropped a bomb of an advice to my mother and she said “Mar, if you wanted a quiet children, you are better off handling the baby dolls”. From that day on my mother would never made a snarky remarks on to keep us to shut it, she would always keep her composure and more practicing a more patience way on how to deal with 3 loud children. She is strict of course, since she’s a teacher and a psychology scholar and she taught us a lot of things can be resolved by not doing some stupid thing.

Here’s an example of doing a stupid thing to solve another thing that had happened.

There are some people that are not fit to be a parents and most of the time these type of people always have one thing in common, they are dumb. Unfortunately it is also believed that these type of people are so easy to breed they are like multiplying in a very fast pace.

This is what happened.

A mother had 2 children, her children were playing inside her car the whole kids being kids thing. Instead of being calm and tried to get her kids get out from the car, she thought that this is the perfect time to teach them a lesson. In her mind that when the child had enough they will get out of the car by themselves. So the mother left the kids inside her car with the door shut in a 35.5c temperature. She went inside and smoke pot before dozing off for 2 to 3 hours. For kids especially, that is just enough to make them suffocated and finally died from the heat.

Here’s the thing, the mother woke up and later found her kids had died. She did what other psychopath would do, fabricated the scene. She broke the window as if to show that she did try to save her kids.
With that being said, if we were to make a law on those who had failed parenting competency test, they are not allowed to have kids and they have to do this test every time they want to breed; would it be a crime against human rights? But what if these dumb beings are allowed to breed and they go around killing kids that’s also a crime against human rights as well.

Source: BBC News

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