Virals: When #meleis tries to preach

The intention was weird, in fact it was downright rude. It could be the effect of a substance. The kind of when you take on something like weeds or weird drugs that can give you the feel that you are suddenly holier than everyone else.

Here’s what happened, a wild high meleis suddenly appeared in front of a non Muslim eatery. Thinking that he’s in the right, he then proceed to try to convert everyone in the eatery to be a Muslims. It is seen that he did tried to paste a syahadah written on a piece of A3 paper onto the wall so it will be easier to read by everyone.

Let’s take a view on different scenario.

A wild and high non muslim appeared in a muslim’s eatery and in all of his sense of entitlement he then started to preach asking everyone to change their religion. His preach came with full written details about the new religion.

Now let’s play a game. What will happen next. There are few possibilities but for the sake of everyone, the options will be limited to only the infamous common reaction that most muslim meleis would had

1. Beat the person, mob style while cursing and praising god in the same sentence.
2. Call for more friends to record and make it viral.
3. A lot of old and newly created NGOs with weird name just to get a Meleis-ish or Islam-ish acronyms.
4. Demo in the middle of the road right after the Friday prayer.
5. Tons and tons of police reports.

Chances are all the above will happen.

This is the normal double standard that we, the Malaysians are facing, the meleis muslims are filled with self entitlement that they think they have the right to shove religion down on everyone’s throat. To preach and spread Islam is good, but do so the right way and while you are sane.

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