[Anecdote Trial] Knock Knock

This is a little incidence happened to my friend and I somewhere around last year. Here the story goes, we were heading of to this small town in Negeri Sembilan called Port Dickson. We had just finished our final exam and we thought it would be fun to take a spontaneous vacation. So that’s what we did, we went there without any preparation such as ; place to stay. Things were getting a little bit nerve wracking as every hotel that we gone to is either fully booked or fully occupied.

Luck kept on passing us by when there was actually a hotel that was not fully booked but the room’s rate per night was very expensive. Being a student, there is no way we can afford it so there were we stranded by the road side thinking our heads off on where to go next. We drove our car slowly along the old highway until a hotel came into our view. We went in, the receptionist greeted us with a smile; not wasting any time we asked if there any room available.
Much to our dismay, all rooms are fully booked.

Before we headed out of the lobby, the receptionist had told us that her friend has a lodging service and if we want to she would give us the address.

Beggars can’t be choosers, we accepted the offer. With a smile she gave us the address and was kind enough to even drew us a map to the said location.

Off we go!

We followed exactly like what the map was drawn, from the main road then turned into a junction and go down the little hill. It looked like a condominium, we looked at each other and just give a ‘are-you-sure-but-we-dont-have-a-choice’ shrug to one another. As we reached the condominium, a Chinese uncle had greeted us. The smile given by the uncle had somehow calmed the nerve down even though I must say that the Condo did look like a deserted building but nevertheless at the basement there were a lot of car parked and there were also some old ones that seemed like have been park there since forever as they were all rusty.

The check-in process was easy, there was a few words of exchange and the uncle’s smile has never left his face to a point where it got us to think that were we in a some sort Hotel California situation?

We rode the lift up to our floor along with the uncle. Things became even more shady this time. Think about it, old building and old lifts. Also the smell of oldness; that kind of smell that get when you walk into an old building.

Our room situated a bit far from the lift, so along the way we did try to look at other rooms and so far all of the rooms were empty. Finally we have reached our rooms, view was superb we can see the beach and the sea from our balcony and also when we looked below there was a pool. At the moment the feeling was great, we finally get to enjoy our impromptu vacation so to seal the deal I had suggested to my friend for us to check out the pool. At that time it was somewhere 7.30 pm.

After few minutes of resting we decided to go hunt for food and on our way down we thought just for fun let’s check out the pool. We pressed the floor’s number and waited until a sound of;


We have reached the floor.

The doors slides opened oh so slowly and it was pure dark; there was however few sources of lights that came from different part of the building. Since it was me who had suggested to check out the pool thus it was me who had to go first. I looked around and saw nothing, it’s just like an abandon building with empty area. So naturally I looked up to check out the rooms to see if there’s anyone staying at the condo and there was only a couple of lighted rooms.

The eeriness of the situation, I decided not to check out the pool so I turned around and grabbed my friend’s hand and hurriedly make our way back to the lifts. We pressed the button so many times and we also did the whole come-on-come-on-open-the-door just like in the movies, hoping that it would somehow made the doors to slide open. Still, there was no response or a sounding signs that the lifts even operational.

Next best choice was the stairs, we ran toward the emergency exit and kicked the door opened. As expected it was dark, way darker then the pool area. I pulled out my cellphone and switched on the flashlight. Much to our surprise the stairs were full with garbage, just another sign telling us that we did somehow ended up in an abandoned building.

It took us a couple of seconds to decide whether or not to go down the stairs, this time it was my friend who took the lead and I just followed behind him closely. As we were walking down the stairs, there was a few moments where I felt taps on my shoulder. I tried to hurriedly walk down the stairs but forcing my friend to walk faster but he seemed calm and continue with his own pace.
And then.

I felt that my hand was tugged, that was it. That was the final draw, I ran past my friend which causing him to run as well.
Finally after running down the stairs we reached the basement, we quickly get into our car and drove away from the condo. While driving and huffing trying to catch our breaths, my friend suddenly laugh and I asked him why is he laughing. He just shake his head and said that was fun, the whole running thing. For a second I laughed too maybe it’s just our imagination got the best of us and we psyched ourselves out. So we laughed and continue to look around for a place to eat.

But I have to say this when my hand was tugged, I did see a glimpse of a woman wearing all white. Well maybe it is just my imagination.
When we finished our dinner it was already 10 ish in the night and none of us wanted to go back to the condo, well it was me who doesn’t want to go back. My friend just said “Up to you” and smiled.

We ended up sleeping in our car that night, well at least one of us was sleeping soundly. I can’t sleep at all so I decided to google around finding more information on the condo and as suspected there a lot of speculations about the Condo. Such as that Condo is a cursed place or there was a female suicide case. The more I read about the Condo the scarier I’d become, so I just called it the night and try to make myself fall to sleep.

The next morning we returned to back to the Condo, with one thing in mind; to quickly gather our stuffs and get out of there as soon as possible. We ran up the stairs and to our room. To my surprise, my friend was already there. I was stunt and he was stunt.

“Why are you here?” I asked him and turned around to look for my ‘friend’ who was running with me earlier. “You left me by the pool. So I went up to our room and waited for you. I thought you’d come back with foods. I’m starving” There was a clear emotion in his eyes, he suddenly lunged at me in full force. I had to get out of his way by jumping to the right and he jumped of the building and fall onto the pavement at the pool area.

I was scared out of my wit and I gathered all of my might to run down back to the basement. So many things go through my mind and I couldn’t believe my eyes as my friend had died before my very eyes. As if things could not get any worse, I had to stop on my track and had to blink my eyes for few more times. My friend the one who had just died jumping from our floor is waving back at me from the inside of the car.

I ran back into the condo and scream my lungs out calling for the uncle. But he is nowhere to be found. I ran around the condo and finally I decided to leave by foot. I made my way out of the condo and it would be easy if only I can find the exit door.

My story may not seemed to be scary or mystical, because it is not over yet. Now I’m finally able to get out from the condo but the catch is I can’t step out the ground. All I have to do now is just jumping from building to another building, knocking on windows hoping there would be some nice souls who would let me into their home.

Shhhsss I’ve found a window to knock on to.

Knock knock

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