World News: Accidentally Profiled Your Boss

I am pretty sure each one of us have had one these moment when we accidentally race profiling our own boss. Here’s an example, a common onesYou got into an elevator and another person comes in with you. Obviously this person was a different race than you and you can’t help to think about why does this person doing here? Being a racist, no I mean being as a curious person as you are; you will find yourself asking the person “What are you doing here?”.


Damage is done.

The moment you know that this person who you had just race profiled is your boss. You may now start wishing you are a butterfly and begin to fly away.

Because that’s very same thing happen to these two policemen. In their defense and it’s on the record of them explaining that they were “randomly” runs tag on the car because that is how they track or find whether the car is a stolen car or not and when the result came empty they stopped the vehicle in order to find out more details.

Normally this is a common sense and they almost got away if weren’t for the second lame excuse that made them stop the car, the tint was too dark. In the video, the State Attorney gave out a i-am-not-having-none-of-this-today’s smile and proceeded to ask the two policemen for their business cards.


Damage is done.

The person who was stopped is the State Attorney of Florida. Yes. Even in the video the policeman it is clearly sounded an octane higher and even go to that extra length by turning himself into a customer representative while communicating with the State Attorney from the moment he found out that the person he had “randomly” stopped was his boss.

Moral of the story is, public officers should be nice and polite to everyone so that people wouldn’t notice whether you are acting out of your racist instinct or your policeman instinct. Second thing to learn is that, ALWAYS know who is your boss.


Video is taken from CBS News Youtube account.

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