Book Review: The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower installment has eight books in its series this review only talked about the last three publications of the installment, Wolves of the Calla, Song of Susannah and last but not least; The Dark Tower. This series was published all in a course of less than a year.

Felt a bit rushed right?

Since it’s a known fact that King used to make jokes about himself on how it would take him hundred years to finish all of his installments such as the earlier release The Drawing of the Three, The Waste Lands and Wizard & Glass. The only reason why King managed to put out The Dark Tower Series in less than a year was due to a near fatal van accident that he had experienced.

The Dark Tower churned out a 845 pages filled with the usual attention of humanizing details in his horror fantasy genre to be closed to reality. Unlike Wolves which mostly has a single community and a single situation; the other two books sent the main character to a cosmic quests and travels to all over places.

The quest began with a gunslinger reach a universal doorway which was called the Dark Tower hence saved the reality from evil forces. As always throughout the journey there were a lot of things happened such as rescuing a captured person who by the way was impregnated by the demon, dealing with demonic offspring, travel through time and disrupting a whole community of psychics which was working to undermine the Tower’s foundation. It was a lot to digest but this installment was one of his best.

Regardless, some of the subplot might find a hint of self-indulgence to a psychotic emotions. It could be due to crash that King had felt a little bit distracted and was rushed to finish writing all three books; you know. Just in case something happen again. Came to think about it, how would the series will be concluded if King was not involved in that accident. King would take his time to write slowly and maybe the books will be even better than they already are.

Let’s stop wondering on what would have happened, The Dark Tower was and is a monumental series of books. The Dark Tower contained King’s finest writing, highest ambition and most lasting characters. From us fans to King, The Dark Tower showed a powerful, broad, full with creativity that has marked King’s career from the beginning. It just reaffirming King’s place as one of the best writer in our lifetime.


Moral of this review is, a movie based on The Dark Tower will be releasing soon and it is always better to read the books first and then watch the movie.

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