The After Breakup Situation

It is a normal thing to do when we breakup with somebody, it does leave a bitter taste in our heart and sometime the bitter turn into a vindictive act. It might happened subtly, for example we subtly or unconsciously and maybe hurriedly throw away our ex stuffs as we go on living our daily newly single lives. There were more times we also decided to erase all the possible traces or hints about our exes. 
Such as, if he or she had said something about the paint on the wall then we will proceed to paint the wall with a new sets of color. If we used to have pictures together; we can either throw it out or just remove the person away. Photoshoply. 

Case in point 1.

Source:  The Culture Trip

Basically, the boyfriend decided to cheat on her after she bought 3 vacations for him. What she did was uploaded few pictures of her and the ex with a request for netizen’s help to photoshop the ex out from the pictures. Like always, there was never a time where netizen’s a letdown; they came up with various results. 

There’s Harry Potter 

The obligated Ryan Gosling

And last but not least the literally translation of the ex

Now that is what happened when two person call it quit. But what happened when a government decided to be a bitter ex after being dump by a member? The same thing happened as well.

This a true story and is currently happening in Malaysia. Barisan Nasional lead government has decided to subtly erasing a former Prime Minister from the history of Malaysia. The name of Tun Dr Mahathir has been erased from school’s books and also his pictures were taken down from the wall where we hung past Prime Ministers. 

It is pretty hard to eradicate a 22 years of history in which throughout this 22 years, Malaysia has evolved from village-ish country into a modern first-world ready country. Landmarks after landmarks and the born of modern transportation such as the light transit transportation system. 

Moral of the story is, if you can’t be awesome then just try your best and be good.  Don’t be a bitter ex and go changing history like what BN did. At least he didnt cheat on you after whatever you had spent on him. Unlike the girl in Case 1, she can just erase him as he doesnt deserve a place in her memory for what he did.

On August 24th, Department of Education has released an official letter regarding the missing of the 22years Prime Minister pictures and his name in the school book.

However there’s no any denial statement from the government itself.

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