News: Oh You Singaporean

Started out with friends drinking into the night, ended up with a friend died and a statement blaming Malaysian’s Hospital. But then after awhile the very same Singapore man spin his story from the “Ambulance took 30 minutes to arrive” to “It was language barrier and the hospital requested money first then treatment”. Totally disregard the fact that deceased family had requested for discharge which ultimately caused the death of the deceased.

In his lengthy newly spinned story he has also said that

“I’m saying all this not to attack the system there because I understand they operate differently and we might not have the privileges that we do in our own country.

“By speaking to the media, I want to make Singaporeans aware of the need to know emergency numbers, for example. So many of us go to JB just for supper or shopping and we don’t realise we don’t actually know what to do when something happens there. That’s the point we want to convey.

“It’s not about wanting to get revenge, because that is not going to bring Justinian back. We want to close it and move on.”

It was not an apology for smearing the good effort and name of Malaysian’s Hospital but rather a “I know this is not their fault, but it is not ours either. But I still need to blame someone. So let’s just blame the language barrier”

Instead of think and accept the fact that it was own fault, the Singapore man who first had said that the ambulance took almost 30 minutes to reach the accident scene which was proven wrong by ambulance operational dispatch log, he then switch his story to “oh it felt like 30 minutes because of the stress. It was the language because we were speaking English and they were speaking Malay” and he doesn’t stop there he continue by producing a never-existed hospital policy “A walk in emergency patience must pay for the treatment first”.

So here’s the thing, there might be a miscommunication in between them and the on duty medical officers. There could be a requested for registration for the victim to avoid mixed blood test result or medical chart with other patience and to the Singapore man it probably mean “You must pay first”. Every hospital in Malaysia has the same Standard Operational Procedure (SOP), register – treatment – bills.

So Singapore man, instead of pointing the blame to others why not just drop your sense of entitlement and accept the fact that the deceased died was because the family decided to discharge amid treatment while the consequences and inevitably was the cause of death.

Source: The Malaysian Insight

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