WTF Local: Ego of an Idiot

EWe’ve all been there at some point of life, someone around us either going through a messy divorce or a brutal custody battle. Whoever it is, whether our own family, our relatives or our friends and even a friend of a friend; when we heard about someone is getting a divorce we would automatically be rooting for their child if they have a child. Otherwise we would go “we hope all ends well”. 

Three simple words, all ends well. Little that we know that the moment a divorce case is going on, a battle of ego will start. Who’s going to be stuck in the between? The child. Fighting over child was the last draw, who gets the child will be the ultimate winner; the one who finally gets to say “Serve you right” just to spite the other party. To finally get the last chance to hurt and major ego boost. 

Does it weird that while a couple stayed together, none of them would fight each other on who gets to wash the kids or feed the kids and whatnot. Like always it would automatically fall into one of those “motherly” job scope. But the moment they are getting a divorce suddenly the father started to fight for the kids maybe trying to prove a point? Like I’m a man and I deserve the child that I was so happily abandoned before? Or whatever floats the idiot’s boat. 

This is what happened in a fight of a custody battle; an idiot man decided to ram into his wife car which at that very moment the child that he was so “desperately” want was in it. Causing the wife’s car to skid and ram into a tree, obviously the child was severely injured. The wife injured, the egoistic idiot safe and sound.

Probably when he saw what had just happened, for a few second he goes “serve you right”.

You must be some kind of a “special” idiot to just rammed a moving car because the child that you wanted was in that car. Were you dropped on your head when you’re a kid? Or did your mother smack your head to the wall? Or you had a high fever until it messed up your brain? Or was it your ego is so bruised up and your manly has stepped all over that you decided it is wise to ram a moving car? 

Moral of the story is, do not skip physic class in school but if you could not make it in to science stream then keep this in mind “car moving, no hit”. Also it never ends well when you think using your ego.

Source: Astro Awani

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