Pre General Election Antics: Menteri Besar Negeri 9 on Violence

It’s that time of the every 5 years again. Its GENERAL ELECTION TIME! Like always politicians will try their best to upped one another and giving their best effort on who is the dumbest of them all. In this particular video, a Menteri Besar (First Minister) proudly asking his follower to go into those shop who were found to support the opposition and flip their tables (read: attack). Oh yes he also said that if anyone ever got caught by the police he said he’ll be the one to bail them out.

However he has since then spin or U-Turn on his words by saying he was just joking and don’t take his word literally. He said that it is not his intention to promote gangsterism but who are we kidding right?

Source: Malaysia Kini

Let’s say if it was one of the opposition leader who said that, what would happened?

1. Every Islam related NGO in Malaysia (well the word every is very brad, lets narrow it down to every politic/malay NGO) will make a police reports
2. Everyone in Barisan Nasional (that’s the current government party) will have something more to say and create more racist issues
3. Last but not least the Prime Media will definitely have a field day for the next 3 months

Moral of the story is we should remember all those little lessons and advises that our elders had told us like, don’t talk shit timmy or if you don’t have anything nice to say just shut it or know your brain limit if you are stupid it’s best to not talk at all. Yeah things like that.

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