Bitter Racist Of The Day


I’m here in Ipoh Starbuck. The place was packed. Most of the patrons here are the Chinese (he wrote “sepet” as in to describe the type of eyes that most Chinese have). There were none of people that were oppressed because there are plenty who drink starbuck.

This had happened from hefore and had not just start on May 9 till today.

So here’s the thing, the opposition supporters are still in bitter state of mind. Understandable, after 60 years of supporting the corrupt and were made to believe that being a racist is right and suddenly in one long night everything has changed. When things like that happened it does put us into a new perspective.

But to put the blame towards one race for your lost is just stupid. Here in Malaysia Chinese are part of the minority,and the be able to change the government one minority race cannot pull it off by themselves.

The opposition need to know and realise it has to be almost all of Malaysians, the Chinese the Indians the Malays and everyone else to vote for the current gov.

It is time for the opposition and the opposition supporters to swallow the bitter pills and finally be the opposition that’s worthy of to check and balance the current government.

They should stop spitting out racists comments and idiotic statements. This technique does not help them the last time it is for sure won’t help them in the future.

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